Joe LaDuca
Joe LaDuca is a seasoned veteran in the information technology field. Mr. LaDuca started his IT career in 1992 for a small supermarket chain in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs as an IBM System 36 operator.

For over 20 years Mr. LaDuca has done extensive work with Microsoft as both an independent consultant and as an employee. While at Microsoft he honed his skills to become one of the most respected Desktop Optimization specialists in the US and abroad. He has architected and executed Windows operating system solutions for major companies such as The Home Depot, Department of Veterans Affairs, Toyota, Kimco Realty and Merck just to name a few.

Joe has also had the honor of presenting his custom solution that was written for The Home Depot to internal Microsoft employees at the annual 2011 Tech Ready conference held in Seattle, WA.

He is also an accomplished web designer utilizing Visual Studio 2012 for many organizations, including the prestigious Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League, which is a league sponsored in part by Major League Baseball. Mr. LaDuca is not only responsible for design and maintenance of this site which receives over 500,000 visits a year, he is a conduit for Major League Baseball scouts across the country to provide statistics for players in this league at draft time. This year, 33 current and former players from this league were drafted in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft.

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